Festive Do One More Thing

Festive Do One More Thing – Make Xmas Wonderful Not Wasteful!


At the end of the film The Clean Bin Project hosted by Friends of the Earth and Transition St.Albans we were urged to take one more thing that’s not sustainable and make it sustainable.

So that’s what we did each week through the summer, with waste cutting tips. However, Christmas has to be the biggest Waste-fest of them all, so, if we’re serious about cutting waste, we need to confront Christmas- hence our new programme, Festive Do One More Thing.

In fact, if we want to make the change from a Christmas that’s all about stuff to a Christmas that’s about people we’ll need to start with some thinking and planning, so here goes:

  1. Do Christmas differently: What is Christmas all about … have a think … what made your happiest Christmas?  Remember you can do things a little differently.
  2. Have a clear out: Stuff you have and don’t use might well make great presents for someone else, so have a clear out and give things to school Christmas fair/Freegle/eBay/Oxfam.
  3. Avoid unwanted gifts by thinking what you need: What do you & family members really need (if anything).  Granny will already be buying gifts, so (as asking for gifts yourself many not feel right) make sure someone else knows what you’d most appreciate.
  4. Planning a time to get together to make things … cards, mince-pies, gifts .. with friends, neighbours, your book group etc. Make Christmas the opportunity to get to know the people around you better.

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