In 2017 we showed the film ‘A Plastic Ocean’ . Two local groups started up campaigns to get local cafes and restaurants to stop using plastic straws, and other single use plastic. See their work click here for St Albans Refuse the Straw; Click here for Harpenden Refuse the Straw.

The Zero Waste group worked in 2015 on a range of issues, covering plastic, detergent, creating art from rubbish, council targets on recycling and local visits to recycling or landfill sites

Refuse, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Rot (compost) – in that order!

You can find out more on the Zero Waste web pages click on headings below to find out more:

Want ideas about how to cut your waste?  To download our practical guide, click here : Do One More Thing.

  •    Do you recycle items not collected by the Council’s recycling? For example one of our members recycles plastic milk bottle tops for charity and another takes working electrical items to a local charity shop)?
  • Do you buy an item particularly for its reduced packaging? If so, what is it? For example a brand of tea as it doesn’t contain a foil sleeve to keep it ‘fresh’.

Please click here to email us with your ideas and local experience. These will be collated and uploaded on the website so that we can all help reduce landfill!

Ecoballs – click here to buy them
Ecoballs are known as a way to reduce the use of detergent in your washing and one member of the group swears by them! Worth a peek of this product video

We have screened TRASHED, a film about global waste, The Clean Bin Project, and Just Eat It – a film about food waste.

Following our successful screening of the award winning documentary, ‘The Clean Bin Project’ on World Environment Day, Transition St Albans and StAlbans Friends of the Earth have involved residents in our Do One More Thing’ campaign to cut their own household waste.


2 responses to “Waste

  1. Recently I am very concern about wasting in any aspect and I want to reduce it to minimum. I am reading a lot about it and getting a great information about how to replace or reuse some stuff. I hope more people to get concern and involve in reducing waste!

  2. Gail Jackson

    > HI Felicia – if you live in the district you may be interested in taking part in 2016 Sustainable StAlbans Week 19-26 November – while encouraging activities across all the themes of environmental sustainability including Zero Waste- we are also having a theme on food – including food waste – alongside the main week. See last year’s website for details http://www.sustainablestalbans.org

    gail > >

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