What is Transition Streets?

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Transition Streets is a way to bring neighbours together to cut their household bills and their carbon footprint through taking practical action.  It’s free to take part, and a great way to turn neighbours into friends.

WATCH “TRANSITION STREETS IN 2 MINUTES” , Download our Streets flier   or read on!

Transition Streets in a nutshell:

 You and your neighbours form a group on your street.
  • You meet together 7 times in your homes, at times that suit you.
  • We give you an information pack and come to the first meeting to get you started.  We can lend you electricity monitors so you see what you’re using.
  • You talk about energy, water, food, waste and transport, sharing your ideas.  Everyone chooses actions that suit them. Practical things, like changing your light-bulbs, getting a water butt, or pumping up your car tyres.

 What we’ve achieved so far:

  • In our first year, well over 100 local households have got involved in 14 groups across the district, and more are joining all the time.
  • Savings are on average £380 per year on bills and 0.8 tonnes of CO2, for each household that takes part.Participants feel more informed about the environment, more connected to their community & more confident about what to do.

You gain:

  • Save money on your household bills.
  • Cut your carbon footprint.
  • Enjoy getting to know new neighbours & building your community.
  • Learn more about what practical things you can do.


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