Start a group on your street


Why not start a Transition Streets group on your street?  You need to:

  • contact us on or 07413 932 380
  • find a group of 6-10 of your neighbours
  • we can give you leaflets and advice to help you do this

We offer:

  • an information pack for each participant, full of practical actions you can take.  Chapters cover energy, water, food, transport and waste.
  • a facilitator for your first and last meetings.
  • energy meters you can borrow for the energy topic.

You gain:

  • a reduction in your bills (on average £380 pa per household)
  • a reduction in your carbon footprint (on average 0.8 tonnes CO2 per household)
  • a closer, stronger, more resilient neighbourhood, because you have worked together through the seven meetings.

We have fourteen groups up and running.  We still have spaces left, and it’s free to take part, so if you’d like to know more about starting a group, then we’d love to hear from you.  For tips on how to start a group read our Top Tips.

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