Current Streets

Transition Streets is up and running in St Albans & district!  We have fourteen Streets groups around the district, from the town centre to the villages.

2016 – New Group  in Blandford Road!


Daylight Club


A Transition Streets group has just been run at the Daylight Club for adults with physical disabilities – they finished the sessions with a vegetarian meal sourced from food grown locally – in the photo is Esther Roche – one of the carers at the club, and her daughter, Leila.





Completed groups;

  • The first Streets group to complete was our Fishpool Street group.

  • Woodstock Road South, in Fleetville.


  • Kimpton Bottom, who have decided to keep going with shared veg gardening.
Kimpton group 1
  • Riverside Road.  This group made loads of changes to their homes and habits whilst it was running, and then decided to launch a Riverside Road Film Club!

Riverside Road

  • Our Wheathampstead group was more of a Transition Village.  They have gradually made wide-ranging changes like draft-proofing and LED lights, including one household  installing a biomass boiler.  They are going to keep going with shared veg gardening and a joint bee-hive, and are researching community energy.

The first meeting of the Wheathampstead group.

  • Whitecroft Estate, off London Road.
  • Jennings Road.  Enthusiasm and laughter abounded! More cycling is happening, sharing recipes, reduced use of “standby” and lots of other little things.

The first meeting of the Jennings Road group.

  • Burnham Road
  • The first Harpenden group on Cowper Road.
  • Priory Park,  with nine households from Ramsbury Road, Approach Road, and Riverside Road in St Albans .
  • Group number 11 is our pilot in a secondary school; Sir John Laws in Harpenden, with their Eco Club made up of children from years 7 to sixth form. It started on 8th October.
  • York Road group, in Fleetville.

The first meeting of the York Road group.

Current groups

  • Salisbury Avenue, in Fleetville.


  • Glenferrie Road, in Fleetville

Glenferrie Road

Interested in starting your own group?  We have room for more groups and it’s totally free to take part, because the project is fully-funded.  Click here to read more.

Useful documents for group initiators:


Local initiators and the St Albans project team being trained by the Totnes experts.

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