Using the St Albans Thermal Imaging Camera

Online resources for the St Albans Thermal Imaging Camera


You can download a short guide to using the St Albans thermal imaging camera  here.  This is TSA’s own in-house guide about how to use the camera, written by people like you using the camera to track heat loss in their homes.  It includes: how to use the camera; what might the camera show me? what can I do to reduce the heat loss that I have found?  A printout of this is included with the camera.


Here is the St Albans Thermal Imaging Camera Loan Form which you need to bring with you when you borrow the St Albans camera

When you have borrowed the camera, we would be grateful if you could complete a short on-line survey  here  to give us feedback.  Your feedback helps us develop the user guide for future users.    Alternatively there is a feedback from here  St Albans Thermal Imaging Camera Feedback Survey  – that you can download, print and return with the camera.

FLuke CAMERA manual

The St Albans camera is a TiS20, the manual can be downloaded from the Fluke website click here. A printout of the manual is included with the camera.


You might find that looking at the photos on the camera are enough for you to identify what needs doing to your house to improve heat loss. However, if you want to keep your photographs, you can use various methods to transfer the photos from the camera to your own computer or device.

The simplest way is to take a photograph of the image with your mobile phone!

The Fluke Camera takes a Micro SD memory card.  You can put your own Micro SD memory card into the camera before taking photographs, the photos can then be saved onto that memory card.  A micro SD card holder is included with the camera.

You can also use the Fluke Connect app to view pictures on your phone or tablet.  You will need to download the free app from ITunes or the App Store and connect your phone to the camera’s wifi to transfer the images.  The Fluke connect software is also free to download to your PC click  here.  This option is not recommended unless you are tech savvy!