Thermal Imaging Camera

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What is a thermal imaging camera?

Harpenden Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera Fluke Ti105

A thermal imaging camera enables you to see heat leaking from your house or cold air coming into your house by taking colour-coded pictures highlighting temperature differences. Insufficient loft insulation, gaps in floorboards, draughty windows and badly fitted loft hatches can all allow precious warmth to escape from your house.

Since you pay to heat your house, you don’t want to let this heat escape – understanding where your house is losing heat and taking action to improve its heat retention can significantly reduce your heating bills and help the environment into the bargain. Sometimes this action may be of minimal cost to you but make a huge difference to your heating bills – examples include sealing windows, closing curtains, putting down rugs or fitting draught excluders.identifying energy loss in Harpenden homes

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