Open Food Gardens

Be Inspired! Open Food Gardens – two in one this Saturday 29th July!

You are spoilt for choice, so why not drop in to both gardens – five minutes walk from each other.

Come and see how others do it; suitable for beginners and experienced gardeners alike – walk around…have a chat…maybe even a cuppa and cake..Bring a friend for an interesting lazy afternoon…

4 York Road   St Albans AL1 4PL – Drop in  2 – 4pm AND

27 Glenferrie Road  St Albans  AL1 4JT – Drop in 3 – 5pm

The garden at 4 York Road garden is managed following organic principles and techniques.

Mixed borders of shrubs, climbers, flowering bulbs and herbaceous perennials flank a central lawn. Fruit and vegetables are grown in the centre and rear of the garden. Wheelchair access would be possible to the patio and lawn at the rear of the house.  Read more

Bees are vital to a healthy environment and healthy economy. They’re also beautiful and fascinating little insects. But what makes them so special?

Many bees have different characteristics that make them suited to pollinate certain plants… Read more

The  garden at 27 Glenferrie Road, St Albans is then open from 3-5pm – with a few plants on sale. 

Entrance to both gardens is free: suggested donation of £2.00 for over 16s; all proceeds go to TSA funds.












“It takes a community to make change”

 “..this playfully made exposé should be required viewing for anyone wondering what they could do to pitch in and save the planet”

This fast-paced, optimistic film TOMORROW  is showing as part of St Albans Film Festival. Click here to book tickets  for
  • Thurs 6th July 7.30pm  at Spencer Sports Hall, Sandridge – Bar available.
  • Sat 8th July at St Paul’s Church, Blandford Road, St Albans -refreshments available.

“In most cases, it’s a question of communities taking power back from governments and corporations — a form of horizontal activism which.. may be the best way to undo the top-down policies that have set us on the fast track to destruction.”tomorrowpic7


#TOMORROWfilm is a fast-paced doc packed with articulate expertise and stories from business and communities.

It shows ” how farmers, teachers, researchers and small-town participants have found their own methods for combating issues like global warming, food shortage and general economic meltdown”

The latter three chapters — Economy, Democracy, and Education — are really where “Tomorrow” takes flight. … Its curiosity ranges from the very minute and specific — to the extremely general and basic, as in, “Where does money come from?” (The Answer May Surprise You!) Continue reading

A Plastic Ocean

A brilliant piece from Becky Aexander after watching our screening of A Plastic Ocean


St Albans Film Festival

I watched a film about plastic for 1.5 hours last night; it was a LOT more interesting than I expected (phew!). Here, for anyone who is curious about what it was about, but can’t see themselves watching a film about plastic for 1.5 hours, are the 5 key points:

1. We are making billions of tons of plastic stuff every year. MOST of it is not recycled. There is plastic waste in ALL of the world’s water – seas, rivers etc.

2. Plastic is broken down a little by the sun, salt and waves and becomes oily, plasticy sludge which floats in the sea. It is in every sea, including surrounding the UK, France, USA, China etc

3. Plastic sludge is now in our food chain. Fish eat it, we then eat the fish. It is in all our waterways. Plastic leaches chemicals that we eat…

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Open Food Garden this Sat 24 June

Come along to our summer programme of Open Food Gardens – Be Inspired! 

Starting out? See what fruit & vegetables can be grown in your garden – or come and share your tips if you are a more experienced food gardener.

Get free advice that will help you grow your own, and be inspired by different food garden designs. Bring a friend, or your neighbour. Children are welcome!

See this Herts Ad article here which mentions our fabulous Open Food Gardens ‘Why Growing Your Own is more popular than ever’  

Sat 24th June: 30 Gustard Wood (off The Slype), Wheathampstead, AL4 8RR –  Drop in anytime between 3-5 pm

This well-established garden, in a semi-rural location just north of Wheathampstead, is opening for the second time as part of the Open Food Garden programme. While the front garden contains mainly ornamental plants, the back garden features a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, mainly grown in beds, but also in a greenhouse and in reused containers.

See the full Open Food Garden summer programme web page click here

Trip to see recycling facility 22 June

How does your waste in St Albans get recycled?

Thursday 22nd June 8.30am – 15.30pm

Booking is essential – See more and Book your place click here

Veolia, St Albans City and District Council’s waste and recycling collection partner, would like to invite residents of the St Albans District to a tour of the Materials Recycling Facility, in Rainham.

This is where the recycling collected in the District is taken to, to be sorted and sent on for reprocessing into new products.

We expect the day to be as follows:

  • Welcome
  • Site induction and PPE
  • First group – Presentation of the site =PRF recycles plastics for all the UK MRF etc..
  • Look at input and output materials
  • CMRF tour
  • PRF tour
  • Second group if required
  • Lunch with questions, informal discussion for the group that is not attending the tour
  • Depart 13.30-14.00

Electric Sunday! June 18th

Electric Bike Day – family friendly event
Sunday 18 June 10-4pm – come and join us!

Verulamium Park – between Athletics Track and London Gate.

E bike day flyer A5picWould you like to drive less, not worry about parking fees or fines and reduce your carbon footprint?

 We are bringing a whole host of electric bikes to Verulamium Park  on June 18th.

The event is part of National Bike Week

2, 3 and 4 wheeler bikes will be available to ride on site, from commuter and recumbent bikes, to family bikes that can transport small children and even bikes used for carrying cargo for businesses.
Food and Drink bikes will be on display.

If you’re feeling energetic you can even ride a bike and blend your own smoothie. See more details click here

Come ride a bike with us on June 18th, between 10-4pm; we’ll be between the Athletics Track and London Gate.



General Election questions to the candidates Friday 2nd June

Hustings 2017 pic

Following the events in Manchester, the main St Albans Cathedral Hustings event was cancelled – so we have joined forces – and combined our ‘Better World’ Hustings* which was to focus on the environment and social justice, with the main event. Please come along and join the discussion.

If you can, please submit questions on the environment by Wed 31 May to :

Some ideas re questions and links to more info…

Did You Know? The bank holiday heatwave  started with a new record for solar power generation which blazed to a quarter of the electricity mix on Friday afternoon.

The nation’s solar panels scorched the previous record set last month by generating 8.7GW of power, more than nuclear and coal power combined.  

Solar power was the second most used generating technology behind gas-fired power and made up around 25pc of the UK’s electricity, its highest ever share of the market on a working week day.

Note: The Better World Hustings is organised by St Albans Friends of the Earth, Global Justice Now, and Transition St Albans to provide a forum to hear candidates’ views on social justice and the environment.