Skill Sharing in the garden 2014

Skill sharing in the garden 2014 programme

heather garden

Sharing experience, knowledge and practical skills forms the new focus for the TSA  programme of Open Food Gardens.

Sessions to share knowledge and skills  brings a new element to the existing Open Food Garden visits to encourage more people to grow some of their own food at home.

Skill sharing sessions

As part of the Open Food Gardens programme two members of the Home Grown Food Group are opening their gardens once a month from April to September to look at particular skills in growing vegetables. Heather and June are both amateur vegetable growers and want to take out some of the mystery about growing food.

For more information and dates and times go to: Are you growing food 2014 flyer


For more information on the gardens go to: Gardens for skills sharing – a description

One response to “Skill Sharing in the garden 2014

  1. Ver Perry-Berry

    I hope all the skill sharers are suitably qualified in their subject ie degree educated or else we could be in trouble

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