Gardens for skills sharing sessions – description

June’s garden – 23 Gresford Close, AL4 0UB

June grows vegetables in both her back and front gardens. The front garden is south facing.

Behind a shrub hedge, there are beds for vegetables, herbs and fruit. Three minarette fruit trees were planted in 2011 – a plum, greengage and cherry. Tomatoes are grown against the house wall in bags and there is a small wildlife pond.

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The multi-purpose back garden which is about 10 square metres in size has raised beds for vegetables, minarette fruit trees, soft fruit trained on fences, herbs, planting to attract wildlife and a pond. There are several water butts and compost bins.

In 2012 this garden was awarded best SustainableGarden in St Albans District in Bloom.

Heather’s garden, 2 The Almonds, AL1 1UZ

This is very much a work in progress. Three years’ ago the lawn was dug up and a figure of eight bed was put in its place. It was mainly planted with flowers.

heather gardenThis year Heather decided to grow more vegetables at home so that she can pop out of the back door and collect salads, herbs and tomatoes when she needs them rather than make a special trip to her allotment.

Therefore, this garden is in transition – in more ways than one – and this is an opportunity to see what you can do with a small space starting from scratch.

For 2014 Skills Sharing Dates click here


If June and Heather have any spare seedlings and small plants they will make them available for sale. Money from plant sales will go direct to Transition St Albans. Donations to Transition St Albans are welcome.

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