Food Growing

 in 2018.The Home Grown Food group are involved in a variety of initiatives:

Abbey View

Abbey View

  • Courtyard Cafe food garden – this garden at the Courtyard Cafe on Hatfield Road is now being maintained by FoodSmiles – it shows what can be done!

Open Food Gardens 2017 

Open Food Gardens will continue to run in 2017.  If you would like to be involved with this project eg by opening your garden, helping at the events please get in touch with us at into AT transitionstalbans DOT org.

The project is about organising a series of open days bringing together people willing to show how they are growing food in their front or back garden at home and people who are considering doing the same, to enable the latter to see what it involves and to ask questions.

The intention is to show gardens at different times in the year in different areas of the district and to illustrate the many different ways in which people use their garden space, make compost etc.

Fruit Harvesting Initiative

Do you know of any fruit trees in your vicinity?
This project is about making the most of one’s local resources, reducing waste, eating fresh fruit and connecting with your community. We were particularly inspired by a fellow Transition initiative in North London.  They produced an excellent video, ‘Shaking the tree’, that encapsulates the idea:

A presentation about the benefits of fruit harvesting and how it can work in St Albans can be found here: Fruit Harvesting Initiative

Square Foot Garden Project
Peter B.

In January 2010, Peter B. started a Square Foot Garden (SFG). Square Foot Gardening is all about growing things in a small space, which is also an excellent way to get started growing your own. Peter kept a diary of his endeavor on his blog here.

If you would like to get involved or find out more about any of the aforementioned initiatives, contact: food@transition DOT org

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