Community Energy Project

Imagine a world run on renewable energy…

capture energyOk, perhaps imagining the world is a little ambitious just yet, but what about a fossil fuel free St Albans?

Transition St Albans held a Community Energy event in March 2014 to start thinking about a local project and we are looking for people to help! Email:   energy@transitionstalbans DOT org

The March event outlined what community energy is, what it takes to get it up and running (presentation found here Community Energy) and we were also pleased to have a presentation from Grand Union Community Energy which stimulated much discussion.

We are currently looking at potential sites. You are welcome to join our small group for a few meetings to discuss ideas and think about how we can go forward.

The end goal would be a project in St Albans.  This may consist of:

  • Having a share of a solar panel installation at a school, public, community or even a commercial building e.g. warehouse/office/supermarket.
  • Investing in a wind turbine with a landowner/farmer
  • Or…the floor is open for other suggestions,we welcome ideas for the event.

If you would like to be involved either to participate in the project, have a potential site in mind or simply want to find out more please send an email to  energy@transitionstalbans DOT org

Further Information about Community Energy Projects


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