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Notice of 2015 AGM

Wed 15th July 2015 7.30pm at Fleetville Community Centre, Royal Road, St Albans, AL1 4QL.

Formal agenda

1.Report  on Steering Group strategy and activities

2. Presentation of the accounts for the year ended 31 March 2015 – see accounts here

3. Re-election of existing officers

  • Lesley Flowers
  • Heather Teare

4. Election of new officers – see note below…
5. Thinking ahead
5. Sustainable St Albans Week- 21-28 November
6. AoB

and finally….a celebration and social!  Drinks and nibbles provided…

Transition St Albans 2015 Final accounts


1.1.        Our core purpose is to help and support community action within the St Albans area, in order to respond effectively and positively to climate change and peak oil.

1.2.        We are not a profit making organisation.  We are not aligned with any political party, nor should we appear so.

The full text of the constitution can be found here: TSA Constitution – Jan 2014

Steering Group

Following an away a day in October 2014 the steering group decided to share out the roles and responsibilities required, including chairing, which is now rotated among the group.

Future steering group meetings are monthly in the evenings at 7.45pm. Members are welcome to attend – please email us for next dates

Becoming a member of the steering group

The existing Steering Group would very much welcome new members. 
If you want an informal chat about this please  email here. More information on steering group roles and responsibilities can be found here.Steering_Group_Roles_v2_JE

See the following extracts from the Constitution, which allows for up to 10 Steering Group members:

A member of Transition St Albans not already on the Steering Group may stand for election to the Steering Group if: they have been an active member of the organisation for more than three months; they give notice of their intention to stand to the Steering Group more than 7 days prior to the AGM; and if three other active members of the organisation propose and second the candidate at the AGM.  (To make that clear, you do not need to organise any proposer or second in advance.)

Where the number of candidates standing for election to the Steering Group might cause there to be too many members of the Steering Group, a fair voting system that has the objective of ranking the candidates will be used, and the highest ranked candidates will be elected.

Otherwise, each candidate shall be considered separately.

Heather, Andrew, Catherine, Jack, Gail

Heather, Andrew, Catherine, Jack, Gail

About the Steering Group

The steering group  meet approximately every month.  The role of the group includes inspiring, encouraging, liaising with working groups such as Food Group, Community Energy Group, Zero Waste etc; decisions on overall direction of TSA and changes in emphasis; participation on strategy; liaison with wider Transitions; issues with finances including fund-raising. The steering group is elected annually at the AGM. The last AGM was in May 2014.

Current members of the steering group

  • Jack Easton
Jack Easton

Jack Easton

Jack is a founding member of TSA and our trusted Treasurer keeping monies safe for TSA.
“For me it is all about sustainability.  If we do anything on a non-sustainable basis, then that thing, that stuff, must run out.  Transition is about what we ordinary people can do about sustainability while governments the world over are ignoring the seriousness of this problem.”


Catherine Ross

Catherine Ross

Catherine Ross coordinates our Transition Streets project and also makes sure our Open Meetings are well organised!  Catherine does a lot of work to get TSA out and about at stalls and events across the district. Catherine is curently chairing the Sustainable St Albans Week partnership with FoE and SADC.
“If everyone makes small changes, and then more small changes, and inspires friends & colleagues to make small changes, then it gradually accumulates and makes a really big difference”.

Heather Teare

Heather Teare

Heather Teare is an active and key member of the Food Group helping to organise our annual Plant Extravaganza!, Open Food Gardens, and keeps the Courtyard Cafe Demonstration Garden in good order. She also helps organise the annual Harvest Event, which is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate the year’s growing. Heather  is also currently a member of the Sustainable St Albans partnership steering group.

Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen is an active member of the Energy Group which is working on developing Community Energy projects e.g. helping local schools to fit renewable energy systems.  Andrew is also an active member of FoodSmiles St Albans. He has an MSc in Environmental Management from Herts Uni and his involvement in sustainability stems from an interest in clean technology, especially hydrogen fuel cells.

Gail Jackson

Gail Jackson helps with communications and social media, and can often be seen snapping photos with her trust iPad at meetings and events. She also helped set up one of the first Streets groups in the district. Gail is also currently a member of the Sustainable St Albans partnership steering group. She values the way people work together in Transition ‘ it is a unique powerful type of community; a learning experience and a positive statement about what can be done towards sustainability.’

Lesley Flowers

Lesley Flowers

Lesley helps with Transition Streets and is getting the programme off the ground in Harpenden; she is also involved with the Community Energy project and is working to develop Play Streets in the district. Her boundless energy has helped TSA promotion with stalls and events, and she also is a member of Food Smiles St Albans.

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