Playing Out

Playing Out St Albans

Would you like to see your kids playing outside your own house?

Transition St Albans is delighted to support the work of Playing Out St Albans, a volunteer group aiming to establish legislation for Playing Out schemes in the St Albans District


What is Playing Out?

Playing Out is where residents choose to close their road to through traffic on a regular basis (eg one Sunday a month for 2 hours) to allow the children to come out onto the street and cycle, scoot and play together in the road. It is a fabulous way to build communities and for children to get fresh air and exercise, as well as learn to play in an unstructured manner with other children of all ages.

Can I organise a Playing Out scheme in St Albans, harpenden and the villages?

Not quite yet. But we’re nearly there! You need legislation and council permission to run a Playing Out scheme. Playing Out St Albans and Playing Out Herts are both working hard with local council staff to make it happen. In the meantime, we would love to hear from anyone who thinks they might like to start a scheme once the legislation and process are in place. If you think you would be interested in starting a Playing Out scheme, please visit – the contact details are there.

I’m not sure. Where could I find more information?

There is loads of information on the national Playing Out website, Or why not watch our short film at – it’s only 3 minutes long!

How about a Street Party instead?

Many people start off with a one-off street party to see how it goes. If this appeals to you, please visit our Street Party page here for information about having a street party in the St Albans District.