Open Meetings

Open Meeting: 2017 – The Year Ahead

Tuesday 31 Jan 7:30pm

at The Barn at The Horn, Victoria Street.

This meeting, in a new venue,  will give an overview and updates on our current projects including where new volunteers are needed. Everyone is invited to stay and have a cup of tea/coffee/wine, look at our displays and chat informally to regular members to catch up or find out more about how to get involved in 2017.

1. Thermal Imaging Camera – What does it do and how to book it for  Feb and March.
2.  Open food Gardens  and skills sessions for summer 2016- Lesley Flowers will provide information about this year’s programme, and where volunteers are still needed.
3.  Transition Streets in St Albans
4. FoodSmiles – an update on this local community food growing project – including new growing projects
5. Playing Out  and Street parties – All about  Big Lunch 2017 & how to do a street party
6. Sustainable StAlbans Week in 2017

Refreshments and time to talk informally to catch up and discover new opportunities for practical things to do in 2017.

About the Open Meetings

Ocasionally we arrange an ‘Open Meeting’ with a presentation or film on different subjects and there are usually between 20-30 different people turning up for the evening. These meetings are open to everyone and take place at the Fleetville Community Centre, off Hatfield Road near Morrisons.

TSA Open Meetings at Fleetville Community Centre

TSA Open Meetings at Fleetville Community Centre

The Open Meetings  include discussion and time for informal chats and meeting up with others who are involved in Transition groups. More information is posted on this website, and in the monthly newsletter. The meetings are very suitable for newcomers to Transition – and bring together people from all over St Albans who are involved in various groups.

The meetings are free, with a small donation requested to cover room hire and refreshments.

During the summer we run our Open Food Garden programme -where you can visit local gardens that are growing their own fruit and veg – and get some inspirations, tips and advice from the gardeners – see  2016 Open Food Gardens

end of an inspiring meeting

end of an inspiring meeting

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