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Green Christmas, Everyone!

Back in December 2010, many of you came along to our “How to Green Your Christmas” Open Meeting event, facilitated by Catherine.

At the meeting, we collected your ideas for how we can make Christmas a little more sustainable, how we can buy a little less, waste a little less, and Catherine kindly compiled them all into a nice Green Christmas Guide.

There is no Open Meeting this month, because it fell too close to Christmas. See you all in 2012; our first open meeting is on Weds, 18th January.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at TSA!

The African Climate Connection

Local members of Friends of the Earth, the Oxfam Campaigns Group, and World Development Movement are organising an informal evening of short films, friendly discussion, and African-inspired refreshments on the eve of the next round of UN Climate Talks, this year in Durban, South Africa.

The evening will be a chance to learn more about the issues around climate change, in particular about its effect on the developing world, and an opportunity to put your concerns on climate change to local politicians.

Everyone is welcome!

Tuesday 29th November 2011, 8pm at Fleetville Community Centre on Royal Road, off Hatfield Road, AL1 4LQ (opposite the Morrisons supermarket car park entrance) [map].

Winning hearts and minds

The theme for our Open Meeting on Weds 16th November is “Winning hearts and minds“, focusing on how we can raise awareness and mobilise support for Transition aims within the local community.

After an initial overview presentation by a Change Management specialist on the dynamics of personal change and techniques to impact individual behaviours in relation to Transition, there will be group breakout sessions to help define and develop our Communications Plan, looking at:-

  • Communications and Change objectives: What are the ultimate aims of our communications? What changes are we trying to drive?
  • How we can raise awareness of TSA, its aims and objectives, within the local community?
  • Who are our key stakeholders and how can we best engage with them?
  • What resistance might we encounter along the way?
  • What resources do we have and how can we maximise their potential?

The session will be facilitated by Faye Brook, a professional Project and Change Management consultant.

As usual, there will also be updates on projects ongoing and planned, and time for announcements.

Everybody welcome!   Suggested voluntary donation of £2 to cover costs.

Time and place:  Weds 16 Nov, 7.30pm at Fleetville Community Centre on Royal Road, off Hatfield Road, near Morrisons [map].

The MAN with the PLAN

STACC, the St Albans Cycle Campaign, is inviting all to a public meeting on Monday 28th November, 7.30pm at St Albans Council Offices, St Peters Street.

Jonny Rotheram (Steer Davies Gleave) has been commissioned by Herts County Council to produce a plan for cycling in St Albans and he will present initial proposals at the meeting.

This follows on from the ‘Wish List’ STACC prepared at last December’s meeting – now the ideas are being taken forward into a formal cycling study, hopefully to be implemented in the next 5 years.

The meeting will be interactive, to help develop the plan further.

There will also be an update on other local cycling news – and refreshments will be provided.

Consumerism and the importance of values

October’s Open Meeting was about “Consumerism”: Why do we consume so much? And is it really all that bad?

We started with a Think-and-Listen exercise to reflect on how we each see the consumerist society we live in. At the end, everybody was asked to write down on a post-it something negative and something positive we associate with consumerism. The word cloud below shows what was written (positives have a plus sign in front).

The answers seem to reveal our dilemma: we know well what’s not good about consumerism but the problem is big and we are worried about our economy (mentioned equally as positive an negative) and, most of all, about employment. Continue reading

The Story of Stuff

The theme for our Open Meeting on Weds 19th Oct is “Consumerism“.

We will be showing the film “The Story of Stuff” by Annie Leonard.

The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled, humorous look at the underside of production and consumption. It explores the connections between a vast array of environmental and social issues, and points the way toward a more sustainable and just world.

Afterwards we’ll have a friendly discussion, thinking about how we can transform our culture of consumption and waste into a culture that prioritizes social and ecological well-being.

You’ll learn something, you’ll laugh, and you just may never look at stuff the same way again. [UPDATE: you can read how it went here]

As usual, there will also be updates on projects ongoing and planned.

Everybody welcome! Suggested voluntary donation of £2 to cover costs.

Time and place: Weds 19 Oct, 7.30pm at Fleetville Community Centre on Royal Road, off Hatfield Road, near Morrisons [map].

Vote to support the Watercress Wildlife Association!

The Watercress Wildlife Association, a local nature reserve in Sopwell in St Albans, has entered the 2011 NatWest Community Force Award competition.

NatWest CommunityForce is an initiative which sees NatWest working with local communities to support the people, projects and charities who are making a real difference where they live.

Communities are important to all of us. At the heart of each and every one you’ll find great people doing great things to make them better places.

Up to £6000 is available for individual projects with awards dependent on the demonstration of support from the community for each project.

You can vote for the Watercress Wildlife Association here. You have to register to vote but it only takes a minute.  Voting closes midday on 24th October.

If you can, please also ask your friends, family and colleagues as every vote counts!