Becoming a member of TSA

Becoming a member of Transition

The constitution states:

‘A member of Transition St Albans is someone who lives locally, shares the organisation’s aims; wishes to be a member, and agrees to abide by the constitution,its principles,policies and procedures, and any further  policies and procedures made in accordance with the constitution.

Members may speak at any working or General Meeting. Members are encouraged to raise any doubts or concerns that they may have about the operation of the organisation in open meeting.’

So….being a member of Transition means being involved in any way that suits you.

  • You count as a member if you count yourself in!

  • We do not currently have a membership fee, nor any forms to fill in.

  • All we ask is that you agree to abide by the constitution –  TSA Constitution – updated Jan 2014

  • It is probably useful if you sign up to receive our monthly newsletter and updates by emailing us at: info AT transitionstalbans DOT org

Things you can do as a member

  • Come to the Open Events/meetings – we try to hold something every month that everyone can attend, both involved members and people that want to find out more.

  • You may choose to sign up to receive the monthly newsletter by emailing us at: info at transitionstalbans dot org

  • You may give some time to get involved in one of the groups e.g. Food, Energy, Streets.

  • You may choose to send us articles or photos for the newsletter or website, or contribute to the Facebook page or Twitter feeds.

  • You may choose to stand for election onto the steering group.

  • You may have a new idea or project that you want to get started on yourself.

If you want to come along to the Open Meetings you can meet other members and find out more about the various groups that are running and get involved.

Have a look around this website to explore the projects that you could join up with, whether Transition Streets, food growing, community energy or coming along to the Open Meetings. If you are savvy with social media please like our Facebook page or add our Twitter account and you will get reminders of events as well as other news. 

Or you could start your own project!  Sign up to our monthly newsletter by sending us your email address  – send to: info at transitionstalbans dot org and you will receive detailed news every month.

One response to “Becoming a member of TSA

  1. I’d love to become a member. I live in Harpenden.

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