TSA 2015 Developments

The steering group have identified the following areas for development in 2015. This list sets out our ambition, and it may be subject to changes through the year.

Business as usual will be supported including building Transition Streets and groups: Home Grown Food Group, Energy Group, Zero Waste group.

1 To run a “big green event”; ‘Sustainable St Albans’ together with interested partners and engaging more people in our work
2 Strong annual events programme, that engages more people and has specific events to engage business, council, and new volunteers.
3 First community energy project off the ground
4 Engage more people to join the steering group
5 Partnership programme defined; ways that organisations can sign up to support us
6 Create a “future views” publication with short thought-provoking pieces, including a schools competition, to launch at the big green event
7 Work more with Bed Bucks & Herts TT on engaging the council as a joint project
8 Launch our first Playing Out scheme
9 New logo
10 Membership pack & volunteer induction programme
11 Foster the new waste group and make sure it flourishes
12 Funding thermal imaging camera
13 Refresh Courtyard Café garden
14 Get a Transport Group started
15 Funding for time to work on the above


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