All industrialised societies run on the assumption that our high levels of energy consumption, our high carbon emissions and our massive environmental impact can go on indefinitely.

Rational thinking about our energy supplies, economic inequalities, diminishing levels of well-being, our ecological crises and the climate chaos that is already hitting millions of people tells us this can’t go on much longer.

Community led

Transition St Albans is a community-led initiative that is working to move towards a more sustainable St Albans; a low carbon community that can withstand the challenges presented by climate change and our need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

All our activities are run by volunteers, except for occasional projects with funding.

We aim to imagine and start to create a community in which future generations would all want to participate. A future to look forward to – but this requires change – a transition – away from an unsustainable way of life to a new idea of sustainable community.

We think that the best place to start the transition is in our own community and the best time to start is now.

Transition St Albans is a place for people to come together, volunteer, roll up their sleeves and make it happen. The community – for the community, runs it.

The Power of Just Doing Stuff

An opportunity to rethink how we live

The challenges  of energy supplies, economic inequalities, diminishing levels of well-being, our ecological crises and climate chaos provide an opportunity to rethink how we live and to make conscious choices about what kind of community and world we want to live in. We believe it is better to design changes that are beneficial to the local community than wait to be surprised by the effects of climate change and peak oil.


Imagine a community abundant in local jobs, warmth, food and power, where children eat healthily, pensioners are warm in winter/cool in summer, and not alone. Imagine high streets full of local shops run by local people, every garden with a vegetable patch, every home a place that is wealthy but needs practically no oil or gas. All the money in the world cannot make this happen. Our quality of life is in our own hands.

Our intention is to work together to promote waste reduction, recycling, local food production and sourcing, energy efficiency, sustainable transport and stronger community networks.

To do this we try to involve the whole community – residents, businesses, public bodies, community organisations and schools.  We aim to be inclusive, imaginative, practical and fun, and to build a local community that is more interconnected, resilient and self-reliant.


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Transition Principles

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