From sari rags to sale tags 

Gaia Journal

Inspired by the adversities in her past, Ruby Raut creates an eco-friendly alternative for women on their periods 

Imagine being banished to a poorly ventilated, claustrophobic, unhygienic cattle shed for 4-7 days at the beginning of your transition to puberty.

As a woman, imagine being told you can’t touch cattle, green vegetables, plants or the opposing gender due to a natural part of life. Menstruation.

Some fear these actions will anger a god or goddess and people, livestock and crops would be destined to die.

For the western world, it’s quite a bizarre concept, however this is the reality for the Nepalese women whose families practice Chaupaddi. In 2005, this tradition was deemed illegal, but to this day the practice still continues, especially in the western part of Nepal where this takes place every month.

Chaupaddi is a social tradition where women are sent to either a menstrual hut or…

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