Autumn Training Sessions now available

BunningsTiCstallpicFor the second year runing we are able to offer free training sessions on using the Thermal Imaging Camera in both St Albans and in Harpenden.

We’ve been letting people know more about the camera today at our stall in Bunnings, St Albans.

Following the short training session, you are able to borrow the camera FREE – and use it to check where the energy and heat is leaking from your home. Many local residents have already benefited from using the camera.

Heat does not always escape from the most obvious places – but even seeing it pour out of your letterbox can be motivation enough to start doing something about it.

It’s not just heat, but money that is escaping too!

There are some inexpensive ways to stop the heat escape, and save on your energy bills, once you know where to focus. Insulation can be the first step, or even draughtproofing doors and windows where identified.

See dates below on the flyer, and go to the Thermal Imaging Camera on our website to find out more and to book your FREE training session click here to see

TiC 2017 training sessionspic

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