A Plastic Ocean

A brilliant piece from Becky Aexander after watching our screening of A Plastic Ocean


St Albans Film Festival

I watched a film about plastic for 1.5 hours last night; it was a LOT more interesting than I expected (phew!). Here, for anyone who is curious about what it was about, but can’t see themselves watching a film about plastic for 1.5 hours, are the 5 key points:

1. We are making billions of tons of plastic stuff every year. MOST of it is not recycled. There is plastic waste in ALL of the world’s water – seas, rivers etc.

2. Plastic is broken down a little by the sun, salt and waves and becomes oily, plasticy sludge which floats in the sea. It is in every sea, including surrounding the UK, France, USA, China etc

3. Plastic sludge is now in our food chain. Fish eat it, we then eat the fish. It is in all our waterways. Plastic leaches chemicals that we eat…

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