General Election questions to the candidates Friday 2nd June

Hustings 2017 pic

Following the events in Manchester, the main St Albans Cathedral Hustings event was cancelled – so we have joined forces – and combined our ‘Better World’ Hustings* which was to focus on the environment and social justice, with the main event. Please come along and join the discussion.

If you can, please submit questions on the environment by Wed 31 May to :

Some ideas re questions and links to more info…

Did You Know? The bank holiday heatwave  started with a new record for solar power generation which blazed to a quarter of the electricity mix on Friday afternoon.

The nation’s solar panels scorched the previous record set last month by generating 8.7GW of power, more than nuclear and coal power combined.  

Solar power was the second most used generating technology behind gas-fired power and made up around 25pc of the UK’s electricity, its highest ever share of the market on a working week day.

Note: The Better World Hustings is organised by St Albans Friends of the Earth, Global Justice Now, and Transition St Albans to provide a forum to hear candidates’ views on social justice and the environment.


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