Open Food Garden this Sat 17th Sept

Sat 17th Sept 3-5pm: 2 Cowper Road  Harpenden  AL5 5NG

Just drop-in! Bring a friend to come and see what fruit, vegetables and herbs can be grown in St Albans, Harpenden and village gardens. Get free advice from the garden owners and other visitors to help you grow your own, save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Spend an enjoyable afternoon in the company of others interested in growing food!

Drop in any time between 3-5pm

 This urban garden, near the centre of Harpenden, continues to evolve as more fruit and vegetables are grown. It wraps round all four sides of the house and is divided into several different areas, with fruit and vegetables gradually taking over ground previously planted with bushes and flowers.

Herts Ad mentioned our fabulous Open Food Gardens, and FoodSmiles St Albans, in an article here hertsadTSA

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