Who Can Resist a Garden Full of Summer Berries?

On Tuesday 2nd August from 3- 5pm a large garden at 104 Marshalswick Lane is opening as part of our Open Food Garden summer programme. You can drop-in any time between 3-5pm to have a look around this large well-established garden, get some inspiration for your own food garden design and tips from the gardener and other visitors.

There are two large cooking apple trees and more recently planted quince, minarette apples, espalier and minarette pear trees. Soft fruit includes raspberries and blackberries. Early and late strains of rhubarb are also grown. Vegetables include sweetcorn, courgettes, squash, leeks and climbing French beans.

 Some unusual features include Yacon (a sweet tuber), oca and perennial leeks and cabbages. There are also some perennial herbs.

Open Food Garden events

Tues 2nd August 3-5pm
104 Marshalswick Lane, St Albans, AL1 4XE
Sun 21st August 3 - 5pm 
66, Sherwood Avenue, Marshalswick, St Albans, AL4 9PL

Suggested donation of £2.00 for over 16s; all proceeds go to TSA funds. For more information see the Open Food Gardens Summer Programme here

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