Environment Issues -Fringe Event St Albans Lit Fest

Wed 6th July 8pm

Fringe Event of St Albans Lit Fest

Venue: the fabulous Yurt in the garden of The Blacksmiths Arms, AL1 3HG

Join us for a fascinating discussion around environmental issues, power and gender raised by the articles in the book ‘Why Women Will Save The Planet’. Woman or not, come along to hear a refreshing debate!

Click here for info and to book your place

Inequality of income, opportunity and ability to participate often correlate and lead to the least well-off being hit hardest by pollution and environmental impacts. People with power are more able to influence things that affect them. Those without are least able to demand that things are done differently.

‘ Why Women Will Save The Planet’ –  published by Friends of the Earth – Panel discussion – in the fabulous yurt in the garden of The Blacksmiths Arms, St Peter’s St, AL1 3HG Tickets are £3. It’s a lovely, intimate venue and places are limited, so we advise you to book click here.

We have invited the editor, Jenny Hawley, and one of the contributors, Kate Metcalf from The Womens Environmental Network, to head the panel. They will talk about the inspiration behind the book and some of the unexpected discoveries.

Why Women Will Save the Planet pic

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