Family Friendly Climate march

The Guardian have published our lovely photo of our family friendly Climate march in St Albans on Sunday 29th November – click here to see

Have a look to see the photo – and other pictures of climate change marches across the UK and globally.

Climate March Sun 29 Nov 2015

Climate March Sun 29 Nov 2015

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3 responses to “Family Friendly Climate march

  1. Robin Guenier

    The fundamental reason why CO2 emissions will – notwithstanding the current Paris conference – continue to rise is the determination of China, India and other “developing economies” to continue to burn fossil fuels – especially coal. See this: They’re doing this because they see such action as their best way of continuing economic growth and poverty alleviation – something they are specifically entitled to under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. China has already demonstrated the force of this by raising over 650 million people out of abject poverty (a level of destitution that few in the UK can begin to understand) in this past twenty or so years,

    Would someone at Transition St Albans please explain how a “Climate March” – especially one including little children (who cannot begin to understand the complex issues involved) – can possibly put any pressure on the leaders of for example China and India to change their strategy?

    I really would be most interested to know your answer. Thanks.

    Robin Guenier

  2. Hi Robin – thanks for your comments – I wonder have you seen the amazing 1800 Postcards to Paris written by local schoolchildren – from infant, junior, and secondary schools – as part of Sustainable St Albans Week – See
    At Transition St Albans we think it shows that children do understand the issues involved in climate change. And, of course no one march will change anyone’s mind, and it is unusual for us to make our voice heard in this way – but more than 600,000 people took to the streets in 175 countries around the world to call for a strong deal at the climate talks -and we are proud to have been part of that. In the same way we are proud to have helped organise Sustainable St Albans Week and galvanise over 100 groups in the district to run an event to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability. Do nothing? Why, when we can do something!

    Of course there are many ideas and different thinking about CO2 emissions and possible changes that could happen – and who should be taking the lead – and we do not pretend to have all the answers. Join us at Green Drinks at The Blacksmith Arms on 8th December 8pm onwards to further the conversation?

  3. Robin Guenier

    Great to get your prompt response – thanks.

    But, quite seriously, how can children really understand the complexities and provenance of Article 4.7 of the UNFCCC? Do even you understand the issues involved? And how can they appreciate the overwhelming need felt by developing economies to follow China’s example and lift millions of their people out of levels of poverty that few of us in the West can begin to comprehend?

    See this for example:

    The key extract:

    “Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar told Reuters last week that India’s peak year would be a “distant” one because it needed to fight poverty and give the more than 300 million Indians still living without power access to energy.”

    And this:

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