DIY Fixers Wanted!

Are you, or anyone you know  interested in how things work, like tinkering or fixing stuff or helping others to do so, and would like to extend their skills into new areas, particularly electricals and reparidiy2electronics. Or if you just have organisational skills but are passionate about avoiding waste, then read on!

One of the final events of Sustainable St Albans week is to be a Repair Event in the foyer of the District Council offices, on Sat 28th November 10am – 1pm to which members of the public are invited to bring anything they can carry which needs fixing, and we’ll see what we can do.

The event is taking ideas and inspiration from the Restart Project, a London-based charity which runs Restart Parties across London at which volunteers tackle all manner of electrical and electronic goods. Several Restart Project volunteers will be on hand lending support with their skills.

repaireventFirst things first: if you are a DIY whizz, have a few tools of your own, and would like to help out on the day the Repair Event organisers would love you to get in touch. Even skills advising people on what tools do which job and giving some tips and advice would be useful! 

(Ed: You may think everyone knows their hammers from their screwdrivers but let me assure you they don’t! Your everyday DIY know-how is much more valuable than you imagine!)

If you think you could help please email (you need to put a . where it says DOT and a @ where it says AT)

The Restart Project fosters the creation of similar initiatives further afield, with Restart Parties now running in over 20 locations worldwide, and dozens of other organisations and groups interested in the concept (see map).

There is no reason why our repair event in St Albans couldn’t be the first of many, but it would need a small band of local volunteers to make it happen:

To start, we would need an organiser who needn’t be particularly technical but would need to put in a few hours logistical preparation and publicity for each event, and to act as an event host. The Restart Project has produced an excellent package of supporting materials for this role.

reparitoasterWe would also need a group of fixers with basic electrical, electronic or software skills. Again, the Restart Project provides support with skill-share and social events in London, and an online wiki and discussion group to help you extend your skills. In addition, many of the London Restart Parties are easily accessible from St Albans, where you could meet and learn from other fixers as well as participating yourself.

If you or anyone you know could get excited about this then do drop by on Saturday 28th November, speak to some of the volunteers, and leave your contact details. Alternatively, contact Philip Le Riche (

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