Changes to Feed in Tariffs on Community Energy projects

solarlewesCommunity Energy England have published their report click here  showing the disastrous effects on community energy projects of the government’s changes to Feed in Tariffs (FiTs).  So far, the report is mentioned in the Daily Mail and The Guardian

80 societies (including our local Grand Union Community Energy – GUCE) contributed to the CEE report, out of a total 190 community energy groups and findings are summarised here (click here). At least £127 million of projects most likely won’t go ahead, with adverse impact on jobs and volunteer morale, as well as the loss of renewable energy generation and carbon savings.

Please consider signing the UK Parliament Petition click here about reviewing the decision on FiTs. With over 25,000 signatories, this is already 1/4 of the total needed by Feb 16 to have the issue debated in the Commons.

Post – with thanks to John Ingleby, Secretary, Grand Union Community Energy Ltd

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