Thermal Image Camera training sessions for Harpenden residents

Are you a Harpenden resident? You can borrow our Thermal Imaging Camera for free and tackle the heat leaking from your house!

Harpenden has its own Thermal Imaging Camera available for use by any Harpenden resident without charge.*

identifying energy loss in Harpenden homes

identifying energy loss in Harpenden homes

What is  a Thermal Imaging Camera?

A thermal imaging camera is a special camera that enables you see heat leaking from your house or cold air coming into your house by taking colour coded pictures highlighting temperature differences. Insufficient loft insulation, gaps in floorboards, draughty windows and badly fitted loft hatches can all allow precious warmth to escape from your house. The camera helps you to identify the most significant areas of heat loss in your house.

Training Sessions October

Before borrowing the camera, residents need to attend a training session.

The next two training sessions are:

  • on Tuesday 13th October and

  • Monday 19th October,

  • both sessions are from 8pm-9pm in central Harpenden.

The sessions are free to attend, however, places are limited to 10 people at each session so please email for further details and to reserve your place.

Further information about the Thermal Imaging Camera is available at
Additional Session in November
A further training session is on Thursday 26thNovember at Park Hall from 7.30-9.30pm, as part of Sustainable St Albans week. This session, ‘Cutting your Carbon Footprint’, will look at ways of cutting your carbon footprint and will include a training session on the camera, there is no need to book for this event, just come along!

*This has been made possible with the help of Teresa Heritage, Herts County Councillor for Harpenden South West, who made a localities budget grant to allow Transition St Albans to buy the camera.

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