Is Transition a great idea?

 Radio 4 invites you to tell them. Has Transition St Albans helped you change the way you live – in small ways – steps towards a more sustainable community?

be inspiredalangardenGetting to know new people? Growing your own food? Recycling more? Insulating your house? Putting solar panels up or changing the lightbulbs? Walking more leaving the car at home? Helped create a community growing project @FoodSmilesStA ? Have you found out more about environmentally sustainable issues?

Radio 4 is inviting listeners to tell them what they would like to hear on the Radio for Listeners Week: Get Involved.

In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg and guests discusses the history of ideas; but is there a topic that it’s missed? Let the programme team know about your big idea. Would you like to hear more about communities responding to climate change issues – through the Transition network and sustainable food initiatives?

Woman’s Hour offers a female perspective on the world, but what’s your perspective? Are you one of the many women in TSA who volunteer their time and effort in the community to help inspire others to make a difference towards living in a sustainable city.

Saturday Live is all about sharing listener’s extraordinary stories. So if something unusual or amazing has happened to you get in touch. Has your garden transformed into an edible paradise? Did your involvement in Transition Streets help build lasting friendships with neighbours?

Listener Week on Radio 4

Do you have a fantastic idea for Radio 4 which you’ve always wanted to hear on air? What’s the burning issue that is being overlooked? Listener Week is your chance to get involved. This November three programmes are giving you the chance to curate their content.

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