HARPENDEN Transition Streets this Autumn

Will your street in HARPENDEN be a Transition Street this autumn?

  • ever wanted to know more about how to reduce your energy use?
  • wondered why we have so much waste, or why recycling seems such a challenge!
  • ever felt guilty about that dripping tap and wished you knew how to fix it – just maybe one of your neighbours could teach you!
  • ever asked yourself if buying local food really does help the environment

Transition Streets is a community based initiative based…in YOUR street – waiting for you to help get it going!

streetshouses1With a simple philosophy Transition Streets believes that a group of neighbours coming together can learn, share ideas and find out how to take small practical steps to reduce their carbon footprint – AND – enjoy getting to know each other – all free!


  • save money on utility bills,

  • reduce your carbon footprint

  • meet new neighbours

  • Practical ideas on reducing energy, waste and water use, share tips on home insulation, food growing and transport.

Over 13 streets have completed successfully in St Albans, coming together for 7 meetings over six months or so: and there are more starting up now.

We are hoping to start Transition Streets groups in HARPENDEN this autumn in Station Road, Crabtree Lane, Lyndhurst Drive, Dalkeith Road, Overstone Road, Glemsford Drive, Holly Walk, Weybourne Close, Attwood and a second group Cowper Road (and we have interest on many other streets in Harpenden too).

If you live on the harpenden streets mentioned above, or know someone in those streets who might be interested, You can register interest at https://transitionstalbans.org/transition-streets/register-your-interest-in-streets/

See our website for more information or the recent edition of the Harpenden Forum magazine.

This innovative Transition Streets programme is run by Transition St Albans, a not-for-profit community group aiming to make a more ennvironmentally sustainable St Albans and District

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