HomeGrownFood skills sharing Sat Sept 20th 2.30pm

Last skills sharing of the year!


Are you growing food? If you are, would you like to share some tips and ideas? If not would you like to? Visit our popular skills sharing sessions – what tasks are there to do in September for your food garden?

Heather and June, experienced amateur gardeners both, are offering to show you how they grow food in their gardens. Depending on the weather and how things are growing, topics likely to be discussed and demonstrated are:

  • Composting and green manure;
  • Seed sowing, pricking out seedlings and transplanting,
  • Succession sowing, containers, soil fertility & crop rotation;
  • Watering, mulching and feeding plants;
  • Pests and diseases;
  • Harvesting & over wintering crops.


Sat 20th Sept 2.30pm –Heather’s Garden – 2 The Almonds (off the Poplars), St Albans, AL1 1UZ

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