Transition St Albans

plan the future for local community


Making changes for your local area: the time is now: Jeff Lewis gave an inspiring talk to the Transition St Albans Open Meeting on how local areas have the opportunity to get involved in plans for the future of their areas – through St Albans District Council Neighbourhood Planning scheme.

The council will be consulting on their scheme in the next few weeks, but if you want a look at the draft plan for consultation click the link here

Play Streets presentation

Rob Shafer offered his advice for anyone seeking to turn their street into a ‘Play Street’ for a an hour or two each week – in Tring it has transformed his local street with residents coming out to play with the kids – building relationships as the skateboards came out.

end of an inspiring evening

Everyone was invited to consider what changes they had made at home in order to become more environmentally friendly in their household, as part of a presentation Catherine Ross did on how to start a Transition Streets programme in your area