Making Local Needs count: community where you live

Make Local Needs Count
Getting Involved in Your Community

Wed 17th Sept 7.30pm
Fleetville Community Centre AL1 4QL

All welcome to this Transition st albans Open Meeting

Have you ever heard yourself say:
“Why on earth didn’t they ask us what we wanted first?!”

How can you use your knowledge and passion about your local area to make real changes that will make a difference to you and your neighbours on your street!

Jeff Lewis on Neighbourhood Planning

An exciting opportunity to hear Jeff Lewis share his energy and passion about neighbourhood planning for your own local area ensuring local needs are reflected for the future. Jeff will talk about the opportunities involved and will share his experience and learning with us – he is keen to help and encourage others to get involved and make local needs count!

“Playing Out Hertfordshire”

Rob Shafer -speaking on an initiative which allows communities to close their streets, for example for one afternoon a month so children can play safely outside.

Transition Streets programme

Catherine Ross Transition Streets co-ordinator – Practical things you can do to build relationships with your neighbours, increase your awareness of the sustainability agenda around energy, waste issues, transport, water and food, increasing neighbourhood knowledge, strengthening communities and building local resilience at the same time.


Making Local Needs Count - Getting Involved in your community

Making Local Needs Count – Getting Involved in your community


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