Sat 21 June 2.30pm HomeGrownFood skills sharing

hflowersAre your growing vegetables, fruit or herbs at home? This mid-season skills sharing session is ideal for anyone who needs a little inspiration or motivation to keep up the gardening work.

Just turn up, you don’t need to bring anything with you, and this informal session is suitable for beginners as well as those more experienced gardeners who enjoy swopping ideas, and seeing how other food gardeners do it!

This week the session is at Heather’s garden at 2 The Almonds (off the Poplars), AL1 1UZ .

For more information see the HomeGrownFood web page.

heather2 Whether you’re not sure what to do with the budding basil, feeling overwhelmed with the radishes, or gasping in amazement at that fabulous raspberry bush, the skills sharing session may be just for you!

Spend an hour with Heather, an experienced food gardener with very green fingers, who loves helping other food gardeners – share your ideas or tips, or ask Heather, or other food growers at the session.

Heather’s garden is a small space sprouting everything from peas to beans, lettuce to lovage. Her skills with plants and boundless energy is a source of inspiration for the Transition Food Group volunteers.


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