Food Smiles have secured land!

Food smiles: Local Food for St Albans is a local project set up to try and establish a Community Supported Agriculture project in St Albans –

April Update – Land at last!

Food Smiles have accepted an offer of land from Hammonds End Farm! This brilliant news means that Food Smiles members are now getting ready to dig! They have agreed to start the project for 30 signed up members – who will be contributing two digging sessions a month. Those already on the mailing list will be offered the first places – If you want to be involved or help in any way you need to let the group know by 11th April – please email foodsmiles DOT info AT gmail DOT com

land for Food Smiles

land for Food Smiles

Donations Wanted!

  • There are 2 poly-tunnels on the site which require repairing and we need storage, certified organic seeds, tools and water butts.
  • We welcome ANY financial contributions to the scheme to help get things started.
  •  Also, if you have any spare tools or other equipment that might be useful, please let us know.

Horticulture/ Organic Gardening expertise- A small group will be getting together to start planning the planting on the site. If you have expertise in this area and would like to take part, please contact us.

Business / Financial Planning Expertise –  We are seeking people with expertise in business and financial planning or who have a legal background, to work in a small group to continue with these aspects of the project. If you would like to contribute to this group please do let us know.

One response to “Food Smiles have secured land!

  1. David Curry

    Good news about Hammonds End Farm. Is there any room for an orchard?

    Best Wishes David Curry Hertfordshire Orchard Initiative

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