Energy Saving Homes Open Weekend

September 14th/15th

Six homes are taking part in this year’s St Albans Energy Saving Homes Weekend. 13770780817958_5_Milehouse_Lane.485x362.0_1_640_479The home are located across the city and you are invited to visit and get some ideas  and see how different households are trying to make their homes more energy efficient.

More details can be found on the Energy Saving Homes Website or see the houses you can visit by clicking on the links below.

St Albans Energy Saving Homes is organised by Transition St Albans. It was created for people to visit homes that are striving to be more sustainable and enable them to talk to the owners, benefit from their experience, avoid expensive mistakes and start developing energy saving ideas in their homes.
The homes taking part have reduced their energy bills, made their homes more comfortable to live in and in some cases benefitted from renewable and low carbon energy, in the form of solar PV, solar thermal and wood fuel.

One response to “Energy Saving Homes Open Weekend

  1. This arrived by email today 16 Sep – one day after the events. Can someone fix the emailing service to send these in advance of the events?

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