New and local: Transition Streets

Our new project, Transition Streets, kicked-off yesterday with excellent training from the experts from Totnes.  Our first batch of local initiators found out what it involves to run a group on their street whilst our steering group learned more about co-ordinating the project.

This new project, funded by the Big Lottery, helps groups of 6-8 neighbours to work together to  cut their energy use, cut their household bills, and have fun along the way.  To learn more, go to the Streets section of this website, or contact us on



2 responses to “New and local: Transition Streets

  1. I’m very interested in the ‘community energy projects’
    Being a designer and supplier of a variety of Renewable Energy solutions’ I do have a possible vested interest.
    The current hot button in the ‘renewables’ world is for community heating systems from renewable sources. (i.e. heat pumps or biomass boilers) – because of currently very generous Govt incentives (Renewable Heat Incentives) (RHI) these can be VERY attractive financially.

  2. Hi David, Have you made contact with our Energy Group? it sounds like you would be interested;

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