Winning hearts and minds

The theme for our Open Meeting on Weds 16th November is “Winning hearts and minds“, focusing on how we can raise awareness and mobilise support for Transition aims within the local community.

After an initial overview presentation by a Change Management specialist on the dynamics of personal change and techniques to impact individual behaviours in relation to Transition, there will be group breakout sessions to help define and develop our Communications Plan, looking at:-

  • Communications and Change objectives: What are the ultimate aims of our communications? What changes are we trying to drive?
  • How we can raise awareness of TSA, its aims and objectives, within the local community?
  • Who are our key stakeholders and how can we best engage with them?
  • What resistance might we encounter along the way?
  • What resources do we have and how can we maximise their potential?

The session will be facilitated by Faye Brook, a professional Project and Change Management consultant.

As usual, there will also be updates on projects ongoing and planned, and time for announcements.

Everybody welcome!   Suggested voluntary donation of £2 to cover costs.

Time and place:  Weds 16 Nov, 7.30pm at Fleetville Community Centre on Royal Road, off Hatfield Road, near Morrisons [map].

One response to “Winning hearts and minds

  1. One of the first things to recognise is the need to be positive in relation with others and other organisations. I particularly mean things like consistently being rude about organisations such as the local councils and demanding the moral high ground for yourselves. Changing hearts and minds is exceedingly difficult and needs a more inclusive and, dare I say it, humble approach. Other people’s views may even be plain wrong, but they are dearly cherished by the holder.

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