June’s Open Food Garden – Maximising space

On Sunday 19th June, from 3pm to 6pm, June and Arthur kindly opened up their garden for people to visit.

Although the weather looked a bit iffy at first, some 16 people took a gamble and were rewarded with an increasing amount of sunshine as the afternoon progressed, and no rain at all!

June grows vegetables in both her back and front gardens. She decided to use the front garden because it is south-facing and gets the best light.

In the front garden (pictures above and to the right), behind a shrub hedge, she has three raised beds with lettuce, beans, red cabbage, strawberries and more, and grow bags for tomatoes.

The multi-purpose back garden (picture below) is about 10 square metres in size, and has raised beds with more vegetables, newly planted minarette fruit trees, soft fruit trained on fences, herbs, planting to attract wildlife and a pond.

There are several water butts and compost bins, and the house also has solar panels.

It is amazing how much can be done in a relatively small space!

There was even space left for people to sit down after their tour of the gardens, and have nice cup of tea or coffee with a slice of delicious home-made fruit cake, with a secret green ingredient — hint: that’s what it rhymes with…  🙂

The next Open Food Garden will be on Saturday 16 July, from 2pm to 5pm. The location and a description of that garden can be found on the Open Food Gardens 2011 Programme page.

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