Environment Matters on Radio Verulam

Environment Matters” is a new programme on Radio Verulam, St Albans’ local radio station.

It’s on the air on the second Thursday of each month, from 9pm till 9.30pm.

If you live in St Albans, tune your radio to 92.6 FM. Alternatively, you can  listen live on the internet on www.radioverulam.com.

Jack Easton, Claire Sherman and Amanda Yorwerth will be covering all sorts of environment-related issues:  from cycling to solar power, from Green Ambassadors to Green holidays, from what’s in your bin to what’s on your plate.

Both the wider issues and the local perspective will investigated, with plenty of information and advice relevant to everyone.

And listeners will also be kept up to date with local environment-related events.

If you want to propose an item or even a theme for one of the programmes, have an environment-related event to be advertised, or want to give feedback, then you can contact them by email to  environmentonrv@gmail.com or by telephone on  01727 839 926.

The first episode aired on Thursday 12 May 2011 and was devoted to cycling, including an update on the government’s Cycling Demonstration Towns project with a report from nearby Aylesbury, and an interview with Stephen Wragg of the St Albans Cycle Campaign (STACC).  You can listen to it here.

The next programme in the series will be aired on Thursday 9 June, at 9pm.

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