Courtyard Café demonstration garden revisited

Transition St Albans continue to transform the space outside the Courtyard Café on Hatfield Road into  a demonstration “Grow your own Food Garden”.

We made an arrangement with the owner of the café, Michael O’Shea, whereby we set up the garden, and he waters it and uses the produce in the café.

The garden is about the same size as a small urban garden and its size and location make it the perfect choice for a demonstration garden: we can show people hands-on how to grow veg, whilst, because of the customers of the café passing by, we get an opportunity to attract new people to TSA.

Having prepared the soil last month, clearing, weeding, digging and mulching/covering, this morning, members of the Home Grown Food group, assisted by several willing volunteers, visited again, this time to do some planting.

In all, there were seven of us:  June, Heather, Liz, Nadine, Andrew, Peter B and Peter S.

We worked to the planting plan carefully designed by June to make the best use of the space and provide an ongoing crop supply. Do check it out to find out what we’ve planted.

Heather and June brought seeds and seedlings to plant out and, thanks to Nadine, we were able to obtain excellent compost from the good people of the St Albans Museum next door.


We needed quite a bit of compost, actually, to fill up two old car tyres, which we used as an expedient planter positioned on top of some roots that were too difficult to dig out and remove completely. Because some of the roots still stuck out a bit above ground level, we decided to simply cover them.

Click here to see a little photo album of today’s working party in action

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