How to green your Christmas


In December we organised a special Christmas Event together with St Albans Friends of the Earth, and supported by the St Albans Local Strategic Partnership.

The theme was “How to green your Christmas“ and the event took place on Wednesday, 15th December, 7.30pm, at Fleetville Community Centre.

Over a mince pie, we discussed how to make Christmas a little more sustainable … how to buy a little less, waste a little less, use a bit less meat and buy more locally.

There were examples of presents wrapped in recyclable and reusable ways, and other things that people had made themselves to show what you can do at Christmas time, and to inspire people that “I could do that too”.

Fleetville Infant & Nursery School and Oxfam St Albans both had a stall with a selection of green and ethical Christmas gifts, e.g. Fairtrade products.

Catherine Ross led a lively discussion workshop that made us all think about what we could do to green our Christmas. The plan is to write up the ideas into a “St Albans Guide to a Green Christmas” to be circulated again next year.  [UPDATE: you can read the guide here]

More pictures of the evening here.

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