To Burn or Not To Burn

You may have heard that there is a proposal to build an Energy From Waste (EfW) incinerator plant for Herts County Council on the Harper Lane site belonging to quarrying business Lafarge, near the Rail Freight Exchange site.

If you haven’t – after all, the news broke during the summer holidays – you can read the news article in the Review here.

If you wish to hear an international experts’ view on sustainable waste management and incineration, Dr Paul Connett will be speaking at the Labour Party Offices, 28 Alma Road, St Albans, Herts, Al1 3BW, on Tuesday 26th October at 5pm.
We have been invited to extend an invitation to all TSA members to join in the meeting and ask Paul any questions that we may have.  No need to register, please just turn up at the address above, if you can.
Professor Paul Connett is a graduate of Cambridge University and holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from Dartmouth College.  Since 1983 he taught chemistry at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY where he specialised in Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology. He retired in May 2006. Over the past 25 years his research on waste management has taken him to 49 states in the US, and 52 other countries, where he has given over 2000 pro bono public presentations. Ralph Nader said of Paul Connett, “He is the only person I know who can make waste interesting.”  He will be talking to a meeting of MPs in November at the House of Commons on sustainable waste management.

Although other experts with opposing views do exist, we are very fortunate that Paul is passing through our City and, in view of his credentials, he certainly deserves to be listened to.

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