Green Drinks Special

Green Drinks at the Farmer’s Boy, 134 London Road, St Albans, at 8pm, on the second Tuesday each month, is a forum for people concerned with the environment, climate change and peak oil to gather and share their thoughts.

On Tuesday 12th October we used the Green Drinks to showcase some of the ways in which we can develop the skills of growing our own food and making drinks

Read a brief report on how it went and see some pictures here

One response to “Green Drinks Special

  1. Robin Guenier

    If possible, I should like to be there. Maybe it would be an opportunity to advise TStA on progress of the CDA’s Community Garden project. We’re excited about this – and perhaps the Green Drinks Special will also give me an opportunity to get ideas about how we can make it an even better resource for people living in St Albans.

    (BTW, I’m unaware of any evidence of any significant increase in either temperature or precipitation in recent years – let alone that such change as may have happened was caused by human activity.)

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