Courtyard Cafe given a garden makeover

On Tuesday 17th August, three TSA members descended on the Courtyard Cafe next to the St Albans Museum on Hatfield road and gave it’s garden a kitchen-garden makeover. 

We had made an arrangement with the owner, Michael O’Shea, to set up a demonstration ‘Grow your own Food Garden’ whereby we set up the garden, he waters it and uses the produce in the cafe.

TSA planted leeks, lettuce, carrots, dwarf kale, parsley, beetroot, chard, sage and marjoram and will replace plants as they are used.  

The garden is about the same size as a small urban garden and illustrated what can be achieved at home with a little planning and a few plants. It cost less than £20 and took 3 people 1 ½ hours.

There will eventually be information boards explaining that this is a practical way of reducing the effects of climate change and peak oil by growing and consuming locally grown food.

Thanks to Peter B, Heather and Melvyn for making this happen.

More pictures of the garden including ‘ before’ and ‘after’ images.

One response to “Courtyard Cafe given a garden makeover

  1. congratulations to all involved on what is a fantastically simple and effective project; and good luck to michael on the taste test of the produce!

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