Open Meeting on Wed 16th June

Wednesday 16th June, 3rd Wednesday of the month, was our monthly Open Meeting again. The usual time and place, i.e. 7.30pm at Fleetville Community Centre.  

We started the meeting by discussing activities, displays, helpers etc for our Transition St Albans stall at Larks in the Parks, next Sunday, 20th June. (Note: we want to re-use as much as possible on another stall, our stall at the St Albans Festival of Life on Sunday 4th July)

The idea for running the stall followed on from our last Open Meeting, where Action Groups identified projects they would like to see happening in the future, and it became clear that, to allow us to do those projects, we needed more people to join Transition St Albans. 

A stall at Larks in the Parks, to publicise what we have done, are doing and would like to do, seemed a good way to attract more people.

Apart from several good ideas for the stall and people stepping forward to help on the day and making materials available, it was said that, recollecting last year’s stalls, probably more important than the things we have on display etc, would be our enthusiasm to engage with the public and tell them about our concerns, hopes and aspirations.

After the plenary session, Action Groups had the opportunity to use the rest of the evening to meet up and work on future projects as last time. The Education/Schools/Children group, the Community group and the Transport group did that, and, in addition, an ad-hoc group led by Heather further looked into the detail of organising the Larks stall.

BTW, this year’s theme for Larks is “The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” and our stall will be at the Larks in Fleetville (Fleetville Recreation Ground on Hatfield Road, near Morrisons). Do come and visit us!

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