Open Farm Sunday on 13th June

Open Farm Sunday is a great opportunity for everyone, young and old, to enjoy the living, vibrant countryside. Take time to listen to the birds, soak up the scenery, experience the smells of the farmyard and really get in touch with the land that feeds us. Discover at first hand what it means to be a farmer and taste the produce.

Many farms all over the country will open their farm gates to the public next Sunday, 13th June 2010.  Each will be unique with its own activities, based around the host farm’s individual story. Activities during the day may include a farm walk, nature trail, tractor & trailer rides, pond dipping, activities for kids, mini farmers market or picnics.

The nearest farm to us in St Albans is Annables Farm in Harpenden. This is the farm run by Ian Pigott, the guy who came up with the idea of Open Farm Sunday’s a few years ago! 

There are other farms to choose from, a bit further away. Use the  “Find a Farm to visit” tool on the Open Farm Sunday website to find one you like.

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