Green Hustings a success

On Tuesday 13th April 2010, St Albans Friends of the Earth, together with WDM St Albans,  Transition St Albans and St Albans Campaign Against Climate Change, organised a “Green Hustings” to give the people from St Albans an opportunity to quiz the local candidates for parliament on matters relating to the environment and sustainability.

All five candidates for parliament for the St Albans constituency were present. In alphabetical order: Jack Easton (Green Party), Anne Main (Conservatives), Roma Mills (Labour), John Stocker (UKIP) and Sandy Walkington (Lib Dems).

The event hosted at Marlborough Road Methodist Church was a success, with at least 100 peope turning up to ask questions and to listen to what the prospective parliamentary candidates had to say. 

Many came prepared with their questions fully typed out! Most also participated in the two ballots that were held, one before the start of the event and another at the end of the evening. The results of the ballots can be found in an earlier post.

Benjamin Sykes was our Chair for the evening and he did an excellent job keeping everyone in check.

If you couldn’t make it or if you want to re-live the event, then you can find an audio recording here.

To make the recording more accessible and allow you to skip straight to a topic of interest, there is an index of the content of the evening with approximate start times below.


0.00.21 – Roma Mills      
0.03.36 – John Stocker    
0.06.58 – Jack Easton     
0.10.20 – Anne Main       
0.13.37 – Sandy Walkington


0.17.10 – Question 1: Will each candidate state that they agree with us that global warming is happening, that they agree that this is largely due to man, and that major actions need to be undertaken to reduce further release of greenhouse gases.
0.26.00 – Question 2: The energy watchdog, Ofgem, very recently concluded that the UK could begin to suffer from energy shortages by 2015 unless significant action is taken. What actions do the candidates propose to be taken and what would they mean for St Albans?
0.37.00 – Question 3: Feeding soya beans to intensively farmed livestock in the UK is causing destruction of the rainforest in South America. What measures would the candidates propose to stop this?
0.44.35 – Question 4: The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is 84% publicly owned, yet it continues to invest in projects that exacerbate poverty and damage the environment. If elected, what will you do to ensure that RBS phases out its destructive investments and instead becomes a Royal Bank of Sustainability, to finance low-carbon projects.
0.53.30 – Question 5: What specific actions do you think would make safe city-wide cycling in places like St Albans a reality in three years time?
1.04.45 – Question 6: What is the candidates’ view about building houses, in light of housing shortages, on the green belt?
1.13.00 – Question 7: Do the candidates support the government policy to promote rail freight and reduce the number of lorries on the roads?

1.19.05 – Question 8: What will you do to support the transition to a low carbon society and what will you do to fund it?
1.26.08 – Question 9: What are the candidates doing in their home to reduce their carbon footprint?

One response to “Green Hustings a success

  1. Well done to FoE for superb organisation and also the person who asked Q8. I have been mulling over my feedback to their answer to Q2 as I reaslied afterwards that the most important issue is how we are to spend our way out of looming energy insecurity. I remain to be convinced that any of the politicians (local or national) have a firm grasp on how transition will be funded. What do we think?

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